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DJ Batboi's Sad Sack Sack of Sads

Hardcore, Mathcore, Noise Rock, Experimental, Punk, Emo, Folk

Just because we're sad, doesn't mean the music has to be.

Playing artists like Converge, An Albatross, The Dillinger Escape Plan, The Blood Brothers, clipping., Black Eyes, Lightning Bolt, Melt Banana, TWIABP, Mom Jeans., Julien Baker, the Mountain Goats.

Friday, February 15, 2019 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM

  Artist Title
6:00 PM  Vein  End Eternal
6:06 PM  Gouge Away  Wilt (I Won't)
6:06 PM  Pig Destroyer  Dark Train
6:09 PM  SPACE CAMP  Theft Under $1000
6:11 PM  Dim Into Dross  Your Neighbor The Heritage-ist
6:12 PM  Cult Leader  Curse Of Satisfaction
6:16 PM  KEN Mode  Doesn't Feel Pain Like He Should
6:22 PM  Converge  Homewrecker
6:26 PM  Frontierer  The Deception
6:27 PM  Every Time I Die  Exometrium
6:30 PM  The Chariot  Teach:
6:33 PM  Thou  The Changeling Prince
6:39 PM  The Fall Of Troy  Act One, Scene One
6:48 PM  Daughters  City Song
6:54 PM  Daughters  Long Road, No Turns
6:58 PM  Bury Yourself  Forest Of Arenburg
7:00 PM  Dead Cross  Divine Filth
7:02 PM  Black Eyes  Speaking In Tongues
7:05 PM  Bathing In Chunks  Pound Cake
7:10 PM  Man Man  The Ballad Of Butter Beans
7:14 PM  Lightning Bolt  Dream Genie
7:22 PM  Good Game  2. Rat City
7:24 PM  Puppy Angst  Killing Time (It's NBD, Whatev
7:28 PM  Well Wisher  Sad Like Me
7:32 PM  Perspective, A Lovely Hand To Hold  Pepe Silvia
7:35 PM  Hit Like A Girl  Cold To Be Alone
7:39 PM  Basement  Comfort
7:41 PM  Mom Jeans.  Poor Boxer Shorts
7:45 PM  Just Friends  Supersonic
7:50 PM  The Mountain Goats  Four New Trees
7:53 PM  The Mountain Goats  Woke Up New
7:55 PM  The Mountain Goats  Younger

Previous Show: Friday, February 8, 2019 6:00 PM