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Good Grief!

90s Grunge, Punk, Emo, Riot Grrrl, Alternative

Aggressive poetic Aries takes on college radio! Let's get angry.

Playing artists like Neutral Milk Hotel, The Smashing Pumpkins, Bikini Kill, Dead Kennedys, Destroy Boys, Paramore, Sonic Youth, The Frights, My Chemical Romance, Nirvana, Radiohead, Sleater-Kinney.

"hey, blockhead! whataya gonna do, cry about it?"

Friday, January 18, 2019 9:00 AM - 11:00 AM

  Artist Title
8:59 AM  Jim Martinez  Schroeder Can Play
9:03 AM  Rest Ashore  Lonely Tropical Fish
9:06 AM  Gouge Away  Wilt (I Won't)
9:07 AM  Touche Amore  Eight Seconds
9:11 AM  Crystal Fairy  Moth Tongue
9:16 AM  We Are Hex  Tongues
9:18 AM  Pink Mink  Werewolf Island
9:28 AM  Chastity Belt  Drone
9:33 AM  Gazebos  I Don't Wanna Be Here
9:35 AM  Nihilist Cheerleader  & She Takes It
9:38 AM  Bully  Trying
9:51 AM  The Aquadolls  Big Headed Alien
9:52 AM  Best Coast  Bratty B
9:52 AM  Saline  Hair Of The Rat
9:58 AM  La Luz  The Creature
9:58 AM  Vivian Girls  Where Do You Run To
10:03 AM  Pretty Girls Make Graves  The Magic Hour
10:07 AM  Lala Lala  Copycat
10:13 AM  Kitten Forever  Pinky Swear
10:13 AM  Golden Triangle  Eyes To See
10:19 AM  Molly Burch  To The Boys
10:22 AM  Kimya Dawson  Singing Machine
10:28 AM  Boosegumps  Happy
10:31 AM  Beat Happening  What's Important
10:32 AM  Free Cake For Every Creature  Around You
10:33 AM  Frankie Cosmos  Duet
10:35 AM  Mitski  A Pearl
10:38 AM  Camp Cope  Animal & Real
10:41 AM  Speedy Ortiz  Lean In When I Suffer
10:45 AM  Des Ark  It's A Hard World Sometimes For Little Things
10:48 AM  Free Kitten  The Poet
10:51 AM  The Dirtmitts  Discotek
10:55 AM  Sleater-Kinney  Call The Doctor
10:59 AM  Tracy Shedd  Hardest Part Of Goodbyes

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