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It Came From The Basement

Emo, Punk, Math Rock, Hardcore, Local

Gonna be playing the quality tunes you may not know are being churned out.

Playing artists like Invalids, Acqui, Ok Friends, Ogbert The Nerd.

Sunday, March 8, 2020 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM

  Artist Title
6:02 PM  Shady Nasty  Jewellery
6:05 PM  Kissies  Angley
6:06 PM  For Your Health  Birds Ate My Face
6:08 PM  Russian Baths  Slenderman
6:12 PM  Sick S**t  Asphyxiate
6:13 PM  Tennis  Matrimony II
6:18 PM  Bury Yourself  Dawn Patrol
6:22 PM  Portrayal Of Guilt / Slow Fire Pistol  The End Of Man Will Bring Peac
6:25 PM  Portrayal Of Guilt / Slow Fire Pistol  Heart Of Discernment
6:31 PM  Gouge Away  Raw Blood
6:37 PM  Outskirts  Tear It Out
6:38 PM  The Best Of The Worst  Spoiler Alert:
6:43 PM  Gouge Away  Hey Mercy
6:43 PM  Truth Cult  Only From One Side
6:47 PM  Mannequin Pussy  Fear/ /Desire
6:50 PM  The Shondes  Make It Beautiful
6:54 PM  Le Butcherettes  Henry Don't Got Love
6:58 PM  The Distillers  The Hunger
7:05 PM  Sleater-Kinney  Call The Doctor
7:07 PM  Land Of Talk  The Hate I Won't Commit
7:12 PM  Oathbreaker  Ease Me
7:19 PM  Holy Fawn  Blood Pact
7:26 PM  Slow Mass  Suburban Yellow
7:30 PM  Made Out Of Babies  Silverback
7:36 PM  Screaming Females  Rotten Apple
7:39 PM  Cerce  Concussion
7:42 PM  Slothrust  Beowulf
7:48 PM  Against Me!  True Trans Soul Rebel
7:51 PM  The Coathangers  Tonya Harding
7:54 PM  MUNA  Number One Fan
7:57 PM  Worriers  Parts

Previous Show: Sunday, February 23, 2020 6:00 PM