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It Came From The Basement

Emo, Punk, Math Rock, Hardcore, Local

Gonna be playing the quality tunes you may not know are being churned out.

Playing artists like Invalids, Acqui, Ok Friends, Ogbert The Nerd.

Sunday, February 16, 2020 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM

  Artist Title
6:01 PM  Use Big Words  Hawk Feathers
6:05 PM  Stars Hollow  Tadpole
6:08 PM  American Beauty  Route 9
6:12 PM  Eagle Daddy  Repeating
6:22 PM  The's  Arkansas Twist
6:26 PM  Wyndup Kid  Party In The Desert
6:26 PM  Surfbort  Selfie
6:29 PM  Bouncing Souls  Lean On Sheena
6:41 PM  The Moms  Train Station
6:44 PM  !!!  Dear Can
6:45 PM  Spowder  Menson
6:53 PM  John Cozz  Freaking Out!
6:56 PM  Paper Towels  Fear Of $ucce$$
6:59 PM  Black Flag  Nervous Breakdown
7:06 PM  Iggy Pop  Loves Missing
7:12 PM  Fugazi  Waiting Room
7:14 PM  The Bouncing Souls  Gone
7:17 PM  Lifetime  Can't Think About It Now
7:25 PM  Courtney Barnett  Charity
7:29 PM  Fence & Acqui  Pollen
7:37 PM  Elvis Costello  Pump It Up
7:40 PM  Drab Majesty  Oxytocin
7:45 PM  The Doors  Soul Kitchen
7:55 PM  The Futureheads  Animus
7:59 PM  Idles  I'm Scum

Previous Show: Sunday, January 26, 2020 6:00 PM