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It Came From The Basement

Emo, Punk, Math Rock, Hardcore

Gonna be playing the quality tunes you may not know are being churned out.

Playing artists like Invalids, Acqui, among other up and coming artists.

Tuesday, April 9, 2019 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM

  Artist Title
10:00 AM  ACQUI  It's Too Early In The Morning
10:05 AM  Eagle Daddy  Dryer
10:08 AM  The Clusterheck Theory  Everything In It's Wrong Place
10:12 AM  Old Joy  Julianna
10:17 AM  Ghost Camp  Kickball Katy
10:19 AM  Hit Like A Girl  Cold To Be Alone
10:23 AM  Fence & Acqui  Pollen
10:26 AM  Steve.  (Breakfast On) Gerald
10:28 AM  Well Wisher  Right As Rain
10:34 AM  The Best Of The Worst  Spoiler Alert:
10:39 AM  County Drop  Over My Dead Summer
10:40 AM  For Your Health  My Bedroom Has Been Crushed By
10:41 AM  Bury Yourself  Dawn Patrol
10:47 AM  Castor's Hollow  Down Never Comes
10:48 AM  Dim Into Dross  We Will Break This
10:50 AM  Ogbert The Nerd  It's Fine (I'm Fine)
10:53 AM  Bathing In Chunks  Pound Cake
10:55 AM  RX Bandits  Bring Our Children Home Or Everything Is Nothing

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