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Stereo Sanctity

Punk, Post-Punk, Experimental, Alt. Rock, Powerpop

Think it's time to overstimulate your senses? Get blasted to the wall with jumbled up sonic soundscapes with Stereo Sanctity; playing the loudest of noises and the most cuddly of teenage love letters to make you question your personality.

Playing artists like Sonic Youth, Daughters, DEVO, Black Flag, Screaming Females, Plumtree.

Monday, January 20, 2020 5:00 PM - 7:00 PM

  Artist Title
5:03 PM  Brooklyn Raga Massive  Raga Bihag Alap
5:09 PM  Khun Narin  Show Wong Khun Narin #2
5:14 PM  Rings Of Saturn  Pustules (Ft. Charles Caswell
5:21 PM  ****ed Jeans  Fantasy World
5:35 PM  Tigger Benford & Party  One Chicken Too Many
5:36 PM  PC Worship  Moons
5:39 PM  Splundr  Hurt People Hurt People
5:41 PM  Nehiyawak  Page
5:46 PM  The Shivas  Feels Surreal
5:51 PM  Meat Puppets  Split Myself In Two
5:54 PM  The B-52's  Private Idaho
6:00 PM  The Cardigans  Lovefool
6:03 PM  The Murder Capital  More Is Less
6:06 PM  Gouge Away  Slow Down
6:11 PM  Haybaby  Monster
6:13 PM  Resounding No  Hunter's Moon
6:21 PM  Sleater-Kinney  Dig Me Out
6:23 PM  Kamikaze Palm Tree  Wants More
6:26 PM  Number Girl  Hai Kara Kurui
6:30 PM  Metz  Wet Blanket (demo)
6:34 PM  Tanning Machine  Hit Me With A Hammer
6:39 PM  Hash Redactor  Step 2: Success
6:40 PM  Ex Models  Pink Noise
6:42 PM  Mars  Hairwaves
6:47 PM  Yuzo Iwata  Daylight Moon
6:49 PM  Pierre Schaeffer  Cinq Etudes De Bruits: Etude Violette
6:52 PM  Charlie Parr  Jubilee
6:56 PM  Danny Kroha  Run Little Children
6:58 PM  The Good Ones  A Long, Sad Journey Watching Y

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