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M&M's Sunday Show

Experimental, Punk, Electronic, Pop

Playing artists like Replacements, Devo, B52s, My Bloody Valentine, Smiths, Black Flag.


Sunday, April 24, 2022 5:00 PM - 7:00 PM

  Artist Title
5:00 PM  Oneohtrix Point Never  Bow Ecco
5:09 PM  Ilayaraja, S. Janaki And S. P. Balasubrahmanyam  Hey Unnai Thaane
5:16 PM  Fay Lovsky  The Islands
5:22 PM  Mope Grooves  Read The News
5:23 PM  Family Fodder  Easy Listenin'
5:27 PM  Roberta Flack  Feel Like Makin' Love
5:33 PM  Piero Piccioni  It's Possible
5:35 PM  Harry Case  In A Mood
5:41 PM  Group Anmataff  Tinariwen
5:47 PM  Ada Babar  Rough Rug
5:49 PM  Dorothy  I Confess
5:51 PM  Los Microwaves  Is There Life After Breakfast?
5:55 PM  Permagrin  Only One In Town
5:57 PM  Lizzy Mercier Descloux  Milk Sheik
5:58 PM  Joe Meek  Telestar (Demo)
6:03 PM  Dur Dur Band  Gorof (Elixir)
6:07 PM  Arthur Russell  This Is How We Walk On The Moon
6:14 PM  K. Kusafuka  Stolen
6:18 PM  Dalek  Lynch
6:25 PM  Cocteau Twins  It's All But An Ark Lark
6:32 PM  Jessica Pratt  Moon Dude
6:38 PM  Jeff Majors  Baby Daughter
6:40 PM  Carlo Rustichelli  Amici Mei
6:42 PM  Ebo Taylor  Atwer Eroba
6:54 PM  Creation Rebel  The Dope
7:01 PM  Nese Karabroek  Yali Yali

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