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M&M's Sunday Show

Experimental, Punk, Electronic, Pop

Playing artists like Replacements, Devo, B52s, My Bloody Valentine, Smiths, Black Flag.


Sunday, May 1, 2022 5:00 PM - 7:00 PM

  Artist Title
5:03 PM  Cristina  Drive My Car
5:08 PM  Jack Stauber  Cunk
5:09 PM  Cluster  Oh Odessa
5:12 PM  Free Refills  Bodybuilder Boyfriends
5:14 PM  Marnie Stern  Vibrational Match
5:18 PM  Nominal State  Middle Class
5:21 PM  Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band  Tropical Hot Dogs
5:25 PM  The Coneheads  Smilin' Beat Of Life
5:26 PM  The Who  I Can't Explain
5:29 PM  Stupeflipe  Je Fume Pu D'shi
5:31 PM  Germ House  On The Outs
5:34 PM  Rubber Band Gun  Hot Machine
5:41 PM  Black Dresses  Express Yourself
5:42 PM  UT  Evangelist
5:42 PM  Fred Frith  Carnival On Wall Street
5:45 PM  Modern Warfare  Delivered
5:47 PM  Urinals  Dead Flower
5:49 PM  BB Eye  Headcheese Heartthrob
5:50 PM  The Monks  Complication
5:52 PM  The Dancing Cigarettes  Broken Windows
5:57 PM  The Dancing Cigarettes  Pop Doormat
6:00 PM  Mdou Moctar  Anar
6:05 PM  Cluster  Hollywood
6:09 PM  Dwelling  Nostalgia
6:11 PM  The Blue Nile  Automobile Noise
6:16 PM  Vyto B  Death Sentence
6:20 PM  Gastr Del Sol  The Seasons Reverse
6:25 PM  Bedouin Ascent  Joyriding III
6:28 PM  Suso Saiz  Los Cielos Siempre
6:31 PM  Volunteer Department  Weaker Mood
6:33 PM  Chris Oliver & Zachary Bigss  Theme For This Has Already Happened
6:44 PM  Piry Reis  Ceu De Managua
6:48 PM  Mac DeMarco  SPECIAL K
6:51 PM  Cortex  Funk Around The Punk
6:55 PM  Pyrolator  The Trophotropical House
6:57 PM  Spearmint  A Week Away

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