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Punk, Post-Punk, Experimental, Alt. Rock, Powerpop

An introspective on different genres and bands’ histories.

Playing artists like Spowder, Sonic Youth, Screaming Females, Plumtree, Deli Girls, Arab on Radar.


Sunday, May 1, 2022 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM

  Artist Title
4:00 PM  Screaming Females  Glass House
4:04 PM  Spowder  Menson
4:07 PM  The Muffs  What You've Done
4:10 PM  Sprints  Little Fix
4:13 PM  Litige  Nique Tout
4:15 PM  Plague Skater  Beach Death II
4:19 PM  The Locust  Aotkpta
4:30 PM  Mssv  Every Growing Thing
4:33 PM  Denosoar  What'll Go First
4:37 PM  Rose Melburg  Homemade Ship
4:38 PM  John Fahey  A Rose And A Baby Ruth
4:39 PM  Cattle Decapitation  Cloned For Carrion
4:42 PM  Jag One  Sweet Release
4:46 PM  Lightning Bolt  Blow To The Head
4:49 PM  An Albatross  Dimensional Gymnastics
4:50 PM  AIDS Wolf  AIDS WOLF LIVE 2!!!
4:51 PM  Pre  Scenes Fromn A 1963 Los Angeles Love-In
4:56 PM  Dogbite  Good Boy
4:59 PM  ****ed Jeans  Half Idiot

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