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Contact Us

Call Us:
The Core Request Line:
Administrative Offices: 732.445.4100
Music Department Offices: 732.445.4100 x9
(please note: this is not the request line)

Send Music to:
90.3 the Core
Attn: Music Director
Livingston Student Center Suite 117
84 Joyce Kilmer Avenue
Piscataway, NJ 08854


News Department:
732.445.4100 x86
news [at]

Tell Us About Local Events and Concerts:
events [at]

The Executive Staff
General Manager
Elizabeth LaMorte-Wright

Phone: 732.445.4100 x1

E-mail: generalmanager [at]
Program Director
Katie Brownlie

Phone: 732.445.4100 x3

E-mail: programdirector [at]
Promotions Director
Stella Khezri

Phone: 732.445.4100 x4

E-mail: promotionsdirector [at]
Business Director
Dumini Athalage

Phone: 732.445.4100 x5

E-mail: businessdirector [at]
Public Affairs Director
Thevuni Athalage

Phone: 732.445.4100 x6

E-mail: publicaffairsdirector [at]
Production Director
Michael Sulit

Phone: 732.445.4100 x7

E-mail: productiondirector [at]
Events Coordinator
Sophia Thai

Phone: 732.445.4100

E-mail: eventscoordinator [at]
Tech Director
Sophia Pastore

Phone: 732.445.4100 x83

E-mail: techdirector [at]
Chief Engineer
Stephen Yanick

Phone: 732.445.4100 x84

E-mail: engineering [at]
Development Director
Jake Tennenbaum

Phone: 732.445.4100 x85

E-mail: developmentdirector [at]
Julia Schaefer

Phone: 732.445.4100 x87

E-mail: webmaster [at]
Operations Administrator
Rishabh Chari

Phone: 732.445.4100 x89

E-mail: operationsadministrator [at]

The Music Department

Head Music Director
Kathryn Kusion

Phone: 732.445.4100 x91

E-mail: headmusicdirector [at]
Rock Director
Sophia Thai

Phone: 732.445.4100 x92

E-mail: rockdirector [at]
Loud Rock Director
Ethan Gilardi

Phone: 732.445.4100 x93

E-mail: metaldirector [at]
Loud Rock Director
Joseph Cabral

Phone: 732.445.4100 x93

E-mail: metaldirector [at]
RPM Director
Sunny Sachar

Phone: 732.445.4100 x94

E-mail: rpmdirector [at]
Urban Director
Nicole LeSeur

Phone: 732.445.4100 x95

E-mail: urbandirector [at]
Jazz & Blues Director
Yahel Ben-Zvi

Phone: 732.445.4100 x97

E-mail: jazzdirector [at]
Local Music Director
Abigail Allegro

Phone: 732.445.4100 x98

E-mail: localmusicdirector [at]
Local Music Director
Jack Bravstein

Phone: 732.445.4100 x98

E-mail: localmusicdirector [at]
World Music Director
Yonatan Shargian

Phone: 732.445.4100 x99

E-mail: worldmusicdirector [at]
Live Music Director
Shane Curry

Phone: 732.445.4100

E-mail: livemusicdirector [at]