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Contact Us

The Executive Staff
General Manager
Sophia Thai

E-mail: generalmanager [at]
Program Director
Gianna Pecorella

E-mail: programdirector [at]
Business Director
Rishabh Chari

E-mail: businessdirector [at]
Events Coordinator
Laureen Torres

E-mail: eventscoordinator [at]
Training Coordinator
Gabriella DeGregorio

E-mail: trainingcoordinator [at]
Tech Director
Elizabeth Bui

E-mail: techdirector [at]
Chief Engineer
Stephen Yanick

E-mail: engineering [at]
Sophie Wei

E-mail: webmaster [at]
Operations Administrator
Tyriek Bryant

E-mail: operationsadministrator [at]

The Music Department

Head Music Director
Elvis Maravillas

E-mail: headmusicdirector [at]
Rock Director
Alexandra Gupta

E-mail: rockdirector [at]
Rock Director
Abigail Folvar

E-mail: rockdirector [at]
RPM Director
Alex Aiello

E-mail: rpmdirector [at]
RPM Director
Avery Kaplan

E-mail: rpmdirector [at]
Jazz & Blues Director
Katherine Suazo

E-mail: jazzdirector [at]