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Bob Marley And The Wailers - One Love
Teriyaki Boyz - Tokyo Drift
Mariya Takeuchi - Plastic Love
Flume - What You Need
El Gran Combo - Yo Soy La Muerte


DJ of the Month - Flipside Radio with Photophobic Blonde

February's DJ of the Month is a long-time favorite - Flipside Radio with Photophobic Blonde has graced the airwaves for over ten years! It was wonderful to speak with her and learn more about one of the Core's DJs par excellence.

Name: Mary

DJ Name: Photophobic Blonde

Show Name:



Album Review: Juliana Hatfield - Weird

Ladies and Grrrls, I believe you’ll have a blast bopping to Juliana Hatfield’s latest album, Weird. Hatfield has previously made music with Blake Babies, Some Girls, The Juliana Hatfield Three, and The Lemonheads, known within the indie scene for writing raw, emotional, and accessible feminist socially-aware tunes. Juliana Hatfield admirably crafts a confessional, solid pop punk rock album that truly deserves and demands attention. My favorite lyric from the first track, “Staying In”, is “If I go out,...



Local Album Reviews - Bury Yourself, Good Game, Fence + Acqui, Paper Towels

Bury Yourself - Off Season NJ hardcore just received the gracious gift that is Bury Yourself. Off Season is their debut album and it’s short, it’s sweet, it’s simple, and boy does it go hard. The first seven tracks are all under two minutes, so there is truly no time to do anything else but rip. Standouts to me are “MVP” and “Leveler,” but they’re all heavy and high-energy. The first (and only) break from this energy is "Cycles", the 8th track and the first song longer than...



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