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12 AM Brainrot

Experimental, Neurofunk, Glitch Pop, Electronic Funk, Liquid

A show that explores what music means. You'll primarily hear electronic music but music of all genres will be played.

Playing artists like underscores, Culprate, Tally Hall, Explorers Of The Internet.

"A Pure Unfiltered Mess"


Thursday, February 22, 2024 12:00 AM - 1:00 AM

  Artist Title
12:00 AM  Blank Ambition  Vultures
12:05 AM  Hispt3r  Wish You Were Here
12:09 AM  Acid Wave  My Favorite
12:13 AM  Tristam  Burn
12:17 AM  Porter Robinson  Blossom
12:21 AM  Darude  Sandstorm (Righten DUBSTEP Remix)
12:26 AM  Splitter  THRESHOLD
12:31 AM  Whad & Prime Ordnance  Retrograde
12:34 AM  Drewpy  Bad Apple (Cover)
12:39 AM  Magdalena Bay  2 Wheel Drive
12:41 AM  Daddy's Closet  SPOT
12:43 AM  BYSTANDER!  FloatBackHome
12:48 AM  Justice  One Night/All Night (Starring Tame Impala) (Radio Edit)
12:52 AM  Madeon  All My Friends
12:55 AM  Underscores  Johnny Johnny Johnny (Time Edit)
1:00 AM  Onefin  WidelyHeartWavering

Previous Show: Thursday, February 15, 2024 12:00 AM