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Beautiful Land


My name's Sam. I'm partial to music that you could, at least theoretically, dance to. When I'm driving I like to listen to Top 40 radio. What I feel it's taught me is that when Pitchfork calls the new Katie Dey single or whatever "radio-ready" they're tragically far of the mark. I'd like to do my part to change that, because now that I'm also technically "radio" it means they can be ready for me, at least. Think of it like one of those utopian communes, except instead of desperate people it's full of DJs who want to be pop stars, people who actually were pop stars but nobody remembers now, and whichever members of Brockhampton can clean up their language. Also Scott Walker, because I labor under the ridiculous theory that he's discovered the way forward for popular music. He's kind of like the idol we worship at.
Once again, this is Sam, and I'd like to welcome you to Beautiful Land.

Playing artists like Daft Punk, The Chemical Brothers, Underworld, Deee-Lite, Was (Not Was), SOPHIE, the entire PC Music roster, Scott Walker, Klyne, Leon Vynehall, Lxury.

“Better pop music or a better society? The choice is yours!”

Friday, August 16, 2019 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM

  Artist Title
7:02 PM  Fearofdark Vs. Johnny Kemp  "Rolling Down The Street, In My Katamari" Vs. "Just Got Paid"
7:08 PM  The Free Design  59th Street Bridge Song (Feelin' Groovy)
7:11 PM  Prince  Can't Stop This Feeling I Got (June 17, 1986 Take)
7:13 PM  Prince  We Can Funk (June 17, 1986 Take)
7:19 PM  Michael Calfan  Sydney's Song
7:21 PM  Blank & Jones  City Lights (Late Night Dub Edit)
7:28 PM  Khalid  OTW (ft. Ty Dolla $ign And 6lack) (clean)
7:32 PM  Leisure  Falling
7:36 PM  Teen-Machine  Teen-Machine Rap
7:45 PM  Royal Canoe  Intro
7:46 PM  Peggy Gou  Starry Night (Edit)
7:50 PM  Janet Jackson  No Sleeep (EASYFUN Remix)
7:54 PM  Claptone  A Waiting Game (ft. Nathan Nicholson)
7:57 PM  MGMT  Someone's Missing
8:02 PM  Towa Tei  A.O.R. (ft. Lina Ohta)
8:05 PM  Pluko  Flight
8:08 PM  Underworld  Skym
8:12 PM  Pandora's Box  It Just Won't Quit
8:21 PM  Efrim Manuel Menuck  A Lamb In The Land Of Payday Loans
8:25 PM  Spellling  Under The Sun
8:31 PM  Fatboy Slim  Demons (Stanton Warriors Mix)
8:39 PM  Mark Ronson  Pieces Of Us (ft. King Princess)
8:42 PM  Fatima Mansions  Tima Mansio Speaks
8:42 PM  Material  Memories (ft. Whitney Houston)
8:50 PM  The Spinners  I'll Be Around
8:56 PM  The Chameleons  Swamp Thing

Previous Show: Friday, August 9, 2019 7:00 PM