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DJ Sniffington

Pop, Prog Rock, New Wave, No Wave, Avante Garde, Alternative

Playing artists like They Might Be Giants, Oingo Boingo, Genesis, Melt Banana, REM, Bob Drake, Pepper Coyote, Devo, Marilyn Manson, Dead Kennedys, Chicago, Hall and Oates, Fleetwood Mac.

Sunday, September 23, 2018 2:00 AM - 3:00 AM

  Artist Title
1:58 AM  Courtney Barnett  Nameless, Faceless
2:04 AM  Black Foxxes  Breathe
2:09 AM  Pepper Coyote  Driving Into The Sun
2:12 AM  Mac DeMarco  Passing Out Pieces
2:15 AM  A View Of Earth From The Moon  One Thousand Miles Apart
2:22 AM  I've Made Too Much Pasta  The World's Not Big Enough
2:25 AM  Sonic Adventure  Believe In Myself - Theme Of Tails
2:29 AM  Bob Drake  Selected Utterances From The Egyptian Pyramid Texts
2:32 AM  Joanna Newsom  Sapokanikan
2:36 AM  Gogol Bordello  Seekers And Finders
2:43 AM  The Foresters  Two Fools In The Dark
2:44 AM  Fountains Of Wayne  Mexican Wine
2:48 AM  Jupe Jupe  Faith In What You Hear
2:54 AM  Genesis  Home By The Sea
2:59 AM  Ned The Band  Kites
3:02 AM  Robert Drake  Going Somewhere
3:09 AM  Look Left  AA Battey Controlled Telescopic Knife

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