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About 90.3 the Core

90.3 RLC-WVPH FM Piscataway is a joint project between Rutgers University and Piscataway High School. The two institutions combined forces in 1999 to create an outstanding educational opportunity. This community partnership provides an outstanding outlet for both entertainment and information. Broadcasting twenty-four hours a day, 365 days a year, 90.3 FM the Core is your source for independent news, community programming and underground music.

Students interested in becoming involved at the Core are invited to come to the station in suite 117 of the Livingston Student Center or contact generalmanager [at] for more information.

RLC began its long broadcast history back in 1971, two years after the college was founded.

Having seen many incarnations in its over thirty year history, from AM carrier current available only in the dorms, to our live stereo FM with a potential listenership of over one million people, the Core is dedicated to providing quality alternative programming to our broadcast community. If you'd like to know more about the station's history, please check out RLC – Reflections on a 50 Year History.

Mission Statement
As adopted November, 2003 by the RLC Executive Staff.


Building the Tower of Tomorrow