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Oneohtrix Point Never - Memories Of Music
Ice Spice - Princess Diana
L'Rain - Oh Wow A Bird
Crystal Castles - Fleece
Yeat - ILUV


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7:00 PM The Great Escape
6:00 PM MPR
4:00 PM Nevermore
12:00 PM Head Empty
10:00 AM Offbeat
9:00 AM Shipwrecked!
8:00 AM Jester's Privilege


Meet the DJ! - Pickle

This week, get to know more about DJ Pickle, host of Pickle Juice! You can catch her show on Saturdays, 9:00 PM - 10:00 PM EST.

Name: Pickle

Pronouns: She/they

Major/Year of Graduation: Sculpture 2025

Genres: Mainly EDM! House! Techno! But really I play just about anything and EVERYTHING :)

What inspired your show name?

My name is Pickle, so Pickle Juice just made sense!

What made you want to join The Core, and when did you become a DJ? What is your...



Meet the DJ! - Max

This week, get to know more about DJ Max, host of We Jam Econo! You can catch his show on Saturdays, 10:00 PM - 11:00 PM EST.

Name: Max

Pronouns: He/him

Major and Year of Graduation: Painting/Media 2026

Genres: Indie rock, post punk, slow core, outsider, anything I’m feeling that week!

What inspired your show name?

The name comes from this 80s hardcore band, The Minutemen. “Econo” represents a do it yourself, low production, attitude and...



Meet The DJs! - Jordyn and Emilee

With a packed Spring 2024 Schedule, we will be highlighting some of our amazing DJs and shows throughout the semester!

This week, we have Jordyn and Emilee of Freudian Slip, whose show you can catch on Mondays 11:00 PM - 12:00 AM EST.


Names: Jordyn & Emilee

Pronouns: She/her

Major/Year of Graduation: Nursing 2027, Psychology 2027

Genres: Midwest Emo, Surf Rock, Indie Rock


What inspired your show name?

We talk about Sigmund Freud a...



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