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Contact Us

The Executive Staff

General Manager


Rachel Sosik

generalmanager [at]

Program Director


Connor Riccardi

programdirector [at]

Promotions Director


Devin Edwards

promotionsdirector [at]

Business Director


Meera Patel

businessdirector [at]

Public Affairs Director


Aidan Stewart

publicaffairsdirector [at]

Production Director


Izabella Skoblar

productiondirector [at]

Training Coordinator


Jason D'Amato

trainingcoordinator [at]

Chief Engineer


Stephen Yanick

engineering [at]

Development Director


Jo Carras

developmentdirector [at]



Michaela Schwab

webmaster [at]

Operations Administrator


Jenna Elmasry

operationsadministrator [at]


The Music Department

Head Music Director


Jenna Elmasry

headmusicdirector [at]

Rock Director


Ozzie Zakusilo

rockdirector [at]

Rock Director


Charlie Pecorella

rockdirector [at]

Heavy Music Director


Dominick Mustaro

heavymusicdirector [at]

Electronic Music Director


Max Esposito

electronicmusicdirector [at]

Hip Hop & R&B Director


Ryan Spano

hiphopdirector [at]

Jazz & Blues Director


Phillip LaBelle

jazzdirector [at]

Local Music Director


Kristine Sauerborn

localmusicdirector [at]

World Music Director


Elliot Dong

worldmusicdirector [at]