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Album Review: Beach House - Teen Dream
by Lauren Jefferson

We’re approaching Valentine’s Day, and whether you’re hitched up for the holiday or you’re enjoying the single-life, you need to be listening to Beach House’s Teen Dream.  This album not only made me remember why I love Beach House, but also why I love to love.  

Teen Dream is easily Beach House’s best album. It maintains Beach House’s west coast lo-fi pop sound, but on this album we get some of the best dream pop I’ve heard in a while. Beach House incorporates more of a romantic 80s feel to their sound making for some pretty lush, hypnotic tunes.  

Once I started this album with the track “Zebra”, I knew that Teen Dream is most likely going to wind up being my favorite album this year. With the second track “Silver Soul”, I knew that the bold statement I had made was probably true. The innocent lullybye-ish vocals hit you right in the heart, and then it all ends. After 50 minutes of gloriousness, you find yourself coming back for more. 

This is the perfect album if you’re look for something to love this holiday, check out this album. Then, when spring rolls around, you can check out the show. Head over to the band’s site for more on their tour dates.