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Album Review: Fabolous - There is No Competition 2: The Funeral Service
by David Bartley

Listening to this mixtape made me think that fellow “Brooklynite” Jay-Z had a long and inspiring talk with Fabolous. You can tell Fabo (Fabolous, yes spelt FABOLOUS) clearly feels as if there is no competition, hence the name of the mixtape. While Fabolous has been consistent since his first apex, I do admit that I thought Loso (Fabolous) was going to fall off hard. However, since Loso's Way was released last summer, his career seems to skyrocket.

Unlike most rappers, Fabo’s swag complimented his new mixtape. From Rihanna's Hard beat to the Clipse's Popular Demand, There is No Competition 2: the Funeral Service proves Fabolous is a punch line rapper who doesn’t really need a pad and pen. It's good to hear that we haven't completely lost him in the industry.

The recurring theme is death to the competition, and it says a lot about what Loso aims to do this year. Fab is definitely ready to take his music to the next level and leave a permanent mark on hip-hop. He's also ready to claim his well-deserved veteran emcee status and sit top-tier with the best of them.

There is No Competition 2: The Funeral Service is right on time for the Spring weather. You're bound to hear 'Body Ya' from a car driving downtown with the windows down. Familiar guests include Red Cafe, Nicki Minaj, and Trey Songs along with guests you may not have heard of.