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Album Review: Flock Goddy - West Side Nights
by Bryan Miranda

The Bronx is Back

Scott La Rock Music Group's own Flock Goddy shakes the block with his latest project “West Side Nights” hosted by DJ Big Deezil, the mixtapes king. The Bronx native represents with pride as he puts his pen game to the test. As a certified product of his block, Flock proves he is ready to carry on the tradition of his borough producing everlasting legends. He never hesitates to speak his mind as he discusses both the good and evils of the hood. The tape is a true testament of the potential that Scott La Rock Jr., Son of DJ Scott La Rock recognized in him, leading to Flock being signed back in Summer 18’. Throughout the tape, he discusses his thoughts on the games from a personal level in NYC. Every track represents a familiar vibe that any Bronx resident will be able to resonate with immediately. With this tape, Flock Goddy serves as a messenger to the world reporting live from the BX. His message? Simple: he is prepared to become one of the greatest to come out of the city. A heavy feat and goal, but the tape will prove he is not only ready but insistent on the global audience giving him the opportunity to prove so. He has hits such as “Get Money”, Bars, in “Trench Talk”, and a self-awareness portrayed best in “If I Die”. He even decides to experiment with a modern auto-tune sound with “Charged Up”; he can arguably deliver anything with excellence at the foundation. After listening to the tape, there should be no doubt that Flock Goddy deserves to be a household name. He draws on his inspirations of Tupac, Nas, and Bronx legends to sharpen his skills as an MC.


Trench Talk (Intro)
From the jump, the tape begins with a fire intro track. “Trench talk” is a track filled with fury, hunger, and redemption. Arguably the best track featured on the tape. Flock Goddy takes charge of his career by reintroducing himself as a concrete composer. He is not afraid of anything or anyone. He is ready for any of the smoke that his borough, city, or the world will throw at him. He has much at stake. He speaks on it and moves on to the next line to discuss other matters on the mind. He sticks to his poetics as every rhyme escalates his energetic delivery. This is a proper introduction to a classic tape. This track is for those who just experienced a win and need a soundtrack to their victory lap, no cap.

Get Money
This track strategically throws Flock into the conversation of greats by recording on an instrumental that is familiar to any 90’s hardcore hip hop purest. Notorious B.I.G. and Tupac fans are brought together for a new experience. It’s old school versus new school. "Get Money"/"Hit’em Up" with a new modern twist. With a modernized Sylvia Striplin “You Can’t Turn Me Away” sample, this track presents Flock as an artist who is not afraid to take the same risks of those who he is heavily influenced by. He is successful in creating a track that is top quality with a throwback sound to define his abilities as timeless and versatile. This track crosses generations in the sense that it provides listeners of all eras of hip hop something to bop to. Flock truly demonstrates he has the potential to become a timeless artist and a household name for both young and old. Regardless of your age, you will learn to resonate with Flock Goddy and this track does nothing less than proving this to be a bonafide fact.