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Album Review: Kidz in the Hall - Land of Make Believe
by Afriyie "Free" Amankwaa

With three albums and mixtapes that hit the streets hard, I think it’s safe to say that Chicago natives Kidz in the Hall have enough credibility in the underground rap game.  However, their LP did not live up to my expectations as a hip hop fan. MC Naledge and Double O have a pattern of gathering a lot of controversy whenever they drop a single, but, I didn’t get that feeling while listening to their latest album.  

“Jukebox” featuring MC Lyte on the hook makes you ask in your head “did you really have to add that on the album?”  This track was obviously meant for the club scenes, but, just didn’t cut it. I haven’t heard it at any clubs yet.

Even though the album does contain a lot of flops lyrically, the production by Double O makes up for it. The beats on certain tracks like “Out to Lunch,” and “Bougie Girls” feat The Kid Daytona does not make you question Double O’s talent.

Kidz in the Hall, you guys always gather some kind of press and attention during your career. You guys dedicated a track to President Barack Obama! I would have liked to see you guys come with the same heat on Land Of Make Believe.