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Album Review: Max Lowe - Royalty EP
by Bryan Miranda

It's the return of the real. After a year hiatus, Goon Squad Entertainment's Founder and CEO, Max Lowe releases a reminder of things to come. The Royalty EP plays as a lyrical exercise that only strengthens his potential to position himself as an artist capable to compete at a top-notch tier. Although the playlist is short, there is nothing sweet about the music being curated. His tone on both tracks is consistent. His bars draw upon the battle rap influence he became a scholar. In turn, he provides a prophetic and philosophical message that threatens any artist who is insecure about their purpose in the musical world. Serving as a temperature check, there is an insatiable hunger and drive that is moving Max to push beyond his limits to pursue his highest capacity as an artist. 

Drawing from personal conversations there is much more music on the way. As the Head Engineer of Loft9, he is no stranger to keeping a crown all while subtly setting a superstar standard for the field of New Jersey's recording sound productions. It is then no surprise that he chose to name this EP “Royalty” as a defining moment in his career. Both a comeback and a come up, Max presents the case that he is a notable newcomer in the conversation for being a flagship artist straight out of New Jersey. With a sound that is reminiscent of early Mac Miller, Max Lowe is ready to step up and successfully deliver the content that once attracted the attention of Atlantic Records.


Royalty pt.1 (Track 1)

This track begins with some philosophy and introspection of the vibes Max identifies in the game right now. Then the bars take off. He rips the next two minutes with barricade bars, he is defensive but won’t hesitate to attack with the resume he’s stacked over the last few years in silence. He lets his listeners know he is well aware of the hiatus he’s taken. He’s even more aware of the potential he holds and he is ready to flex it as a means to come for everything he believes he deserves.

God Sent (Royalty pt.2)

He’s ready for whatever. Max does not hold back with the bars at all. He takes the time to vent his frustration without sounding ungrateful. Instead, he channels this energy into a product of positivity. His energy is filled with anger turned excitement. It’s as if he knows what’s next. The philosopher totes his knowledge of the field while updating the people on what he’s been up to. The bars hit like bombs. The flow is fierce. Up to this day, this song is Max Lowe at his best basking in the essence of hip hop. This is his come-up anthem.