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Album Review: Summer In Jersey
by Bryan Miranda

It’s A Hot Jersey Summer

Have you ever wondered what a summer’s day in Jersey sounds like? This tape is the closest you’re gonna get to capturing the vibes of a sizzling summer’s day in the active garden state. If you know anything about Jersey summers, you know for a fact that on any given day there’s never a lack of waves or functions to go to. Even if the move is to sit on the steps or in a yard and share a moment with the homies, it’s never a slow summer. The tape is packed with a diverse, superstar roster which provides a diverse superstar sound that does the task of representing Jersey in the summer proper justice. The key element to the cinematic feel of the tape derives from the three skits provided by The Infinite Nudest. Throughout the tape, you get a multitude of summer vibes that arguably only Jersey natives will be capable of understanding. Do not try to listen to this tape with the intention to pick the best tracks, but rather listen to it with open ears that can appreciate just how talented Jersey is. Every track has something to offer and this album is more of a snapshot snippet that showcases some of the best music Jersey artists have to offer when it comes to creating summer hits! From Jersey Club to trench soundtracks, the tape contains every fundamental aspect of the Jersey’s music scene. You can instantly be audibly transported to the setting every single artist sets up in their song. This tape officially sets the standard to having a hot Jersey summer jam.