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College Radio Day 2023
by Michaela Schwab

See How the Core celebrated College Radio Day! 

College Radio Day is a way to spread awareness about the medium and introduce it to a new audience of listeners. As noncommercial radio, we can provide our community with live, free, alternative programming with new, unique, and local artists. To learn more about College radio day, read more on their website.


The Core Celebrated by asking our DJ's to tell us what college radio means to them:

* See below for college radio art by DJ Charlie from Snoopy Waves! 

* Check out The Core's College Radio sketch on our Instagram and TikTok.

DJ Anita from Twin Tracks writes:

I’d be lying if I said that watching Anna Kendrick in the 2012 cult classic Pitch Perfect didn’t leave a lasting impression on my nine-year-old brain. Now ten years later, I find myself following in Kendrick’s footsteps as I DJ for my college’s radio station. Life imitates art, and art is the fruit of life, I guess. 

Coming into college, I wasn’t nervous - public speaking didn’t scare me and I was well immersed in my comfort zone. Fast forward to my first show speaking on air, and my body was uncontrollably shaking. I felt out of my depth, but beyond that, I felt invigorated. This rush of challenging myself to try something completely new was immensely rewarding. I had to push myself to be uncomfortable, sure, but I hadn’t felt as creatively stimulated in a long time. 

College radio has allowed me to test my limits and expand my skill sets. It’s brought me friends and closer to my twin. It’s given me the opportunity to give smaller, independent artists a platform as well as introduce them to listeners. College radio is not only fulfilling creatively, but necessary for the space it provides to local, independent, and smaller artists in addition to the platform it can provide for important public affairs and news announcements.

Art by DJ Charlie of Snoopy Waves