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Corefest 2023 & Livestream Archive

Best Corefest Ever?

Most Core DJs agree! With headliners Sweeping Promises and Ratas En Zelo, and local bands Hot Dress and Daddy's Closet, it was certainly our best fest yet. We also had over twenty community-based artists and vendors tabling outside the multi-purpose room. There was never a dull moment! For a full list of Corefest vendors and where to find them, check out our Instagram @thecorefm!

Local Bands

The show started with the genre-defying act Daddy's Closet, the brainchild of singer-songwriter-producer AJ of Howell Township, NJ. AJ's addictive personality and self-produced electro-rock sound sent applause echoing through the student center. They had total control over the crowd, who was willing to crouch down to the floor, jump up into the air, and enthustiastically complete an energized call and response. Check out their music on bandcamp.

The fun, infectious energy of the second act, Hot Dress, could be felt in the back of the room. Their lead singer, Andrew Petrocelli, joined the crowd at one point to dance before hopping back on stage. With Jason High and Max Fallon on guitar, Cecil Sagad on bass, and Caleb Sullivan on drums, their solid indie rock sound won everyone over. The Rutgers-based band was playing home field on Saturday, bringing new and old originals along with a kicking cover of Katy Perry's "Hot N Cold." Visit their website to learn more!

Our local bands rocked and rolled. Don't believe me? See for yourself! Thanks to our very own DJ & Jazz Director Ian, along with Professor Neal Bennett and his Media Field Production Class, we were able to livestream the local performances on our YouTube channel @90.3thecorefm .


Want more? 

Check out our new series Tiny.3 The Core, featuring in-studio concerts and interviews from both openers!


Ratas En Zelo

Next up was accordion-led punk band Ratas En Zelo, taking a break from the Brooklyn scene to play in New Jersey. Their unique and powerful sound had a siren-like quality that lured a frenzied audience into a spontaneous mosh pit. The energy was high, and the fight for the free Ratas En Zelo t-shirt launched into the crowd was intense. Lead singer La Yadee, a.k.a. Rata Cantante, sang out over the musical stylings of the Rata Acordionista: La Hiromy. Rata Batera: La Maria led the audience through the set, and counted us in before we took off into the air. Lets not forget the thundering sound of the bass guitar played by Rata Bajista: La Kate, who rocked out with their grandmother in the audience. We were so glad to host this amazing band that's playing at the forefront of punk! 

Learn more about this amazing band on their bandcamp.


Sweeping Promises

The festival ended with a bang, a guitar duel, and a scream as Sweeping Promises took the stage. They came all the way from Kansas to play their first Jersey show! Expert vocalist Lira Mondel and guitarist Caufield Schnug led the crowd through heart-stopping solos while they moved to the beat of drummer Spenser Gralla. In addition to performing their hits and sneak peeks of upcoming releases, Lira from Sweeping Promises read aloud a series of poems inspired by each of the previous bands and our very own station, 90.3 The Core. 

By the end of the set, the audience was begging for more! Literally! Their graciously bestowed encore did not disappoint. We're all waiting for the day we can stream unreleased tracks played that night.  Stay up-to-date by checking their website!


Thanks to our wonderful DJs for making this event possible, to all the bands who performed, every vendor who tabled, and all of you who came out on March 25th to enjoy our biggest event of the year! See you again in March of 2024! We've got a new best to beat! 

Sweeping Promises


Ratas En Zelo


Hot Dress


Daddy's Closet