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DJ of the Month - DJ Tall Guy
by Elizabeth Bui

June’s DJ of the Month is our new Head Music Director, Jordan Adragna! DJ Tall Guy shares with us the origins of his DJ name, his most recent musical fascinations, and his passion for supporting rising, local artists.

Name: Jordan Adragna

DJ Name: DJ Tall Guy

Exec Position: Head Music Director

Show Name: It Came From The Basement

Show Genre: Loud Rock                               

Hometown:  Cliffside Park

What's the explanation behind your DJ name?

I was at a show and was blocking someone's view and in response that person cursed me out and referred to me as tall guy. Then everyone around me started chanting tall guy so it kinda stuck.

How long have you been at 90.3 The Core?

A full year.

What made you want to join The Core?

Music is my biggest passion.

What has been your favorite experience as a DJ?

Being able to play unknown artists on my show and have them reach out to thank me.  

You play a lot of local music on your show. How did you get involved in the scene?

I've been playing in bands since I was fifteen and organizing shows since 16, so I've just always kind of done it. All my friends were musicians and I wanted to play music with them. The whole reason I wanted to go to Rutgers was to be a part of the culture and be where so many great bands got their start.

Tell us a little about what artists/bands you've been listening to recently.

I've been all over the place lately. I just started getting into synth punk because of this one artist out in Illinois that reached out to me to play his music. His project is called Paper Towels and it sounds like a perfect cross of Blink -182 and Nine Inch Nails. I've also been listening to a lot of folk, namely Jim Croce, because I just think that he's one of the greatest songwriters of all time. His guitar skill was unreal and his voice was so smooth, truly a visionary. On the angrier side, Jersey has always had a great hardcore/screaming scene, so I've been listening to a lot of Masa Nera and Dim Into Dross (two bands that will scream your head off and play circles around most people).

Any advice to new/prospective DJs?

My advice to the new DJs is to not just use your show as a public iPod. Have a goal for every show when you go into the studio, or just for your show in general. My purpose for having a show is to give airtime and publicity to bands that are still trying to gain there footing or are not that well known. Last semester my show was mostly an iPod and I did not find it nearly as rewarding as my show now after I've rebranded everything. So don't miss opportunities to use your show as a means to make friends and potentially meet your musical heroes; and you should jump on Exec to pick up a musical trade or two while your here. It's really cool to help make music happen!