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DJ of the Month - Flipside Radio with Photophobic Blonde
by Julia Schaefer

February's DJ of the Month is a long-time favorite - Flipside Radio with Photophobic Blonde has graced the airwaves for over ten years! It was wonderful to speak with her and learn more about one of the Core's DJs par excellence.

Name: Mary

DJ Name: Photophobic Blonde

Show Name: Flipside Radio

Show Genre: Eclectic music, Rock, Blues, Jazz, RPM-Dance, World                                       

Student/Community/Alumni: I am a community member, we hang in there during the summer and holidays.

Hometown: Linden NJ, but I have lived in Piscataway for over 30 years.

How long have you been at 90.3 The Core?

I have been a DJ at The Core for over 10 years.

What made you want to join The Core?

Commercial radio was leaving too much good music at the wayside, playing the same songs over and over, and too many commercials. I thought I could make a difference.

What's the inspiration behind your DJ name? 

I have a rare disorder called dermatomyositis that makes it impossible for me to go in the sun.

What has been your favorite experience as a DJ?

My favorite things about being a DJ at 90.3 The Core: finding music like a treasure hunt to play on The Flipside, hearing from listeners, having special shows at times for Halloween and Christmas.

Tell us a little about what artists/bands you've been listening to recently.

I have been listening to Smokey Robinson and The Miracles, Keys and Crates, Kraak and Smaak, John Hiatt, Todd Rundgren, Grapetooth, Holy Knives, Boz Scaggs, Marshall Tucker Band, Ty Segall, and the great and wonderful Bob Dylan and the list goes on …..

Are there any resources in particular that you'd like to promote?

February is Rare Disease month and Rare Disease Week is February 24th – 28th. The website below is a good resource for learning more about dermatomyositis…. 

I thank God for all the experiences I have had being a DJ at 90.3 The Core, Peace and love to all…PB