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DJ of the Month - lil pharma
by Elizabeth Bui

School is back in session! You can catch our September DJ of the Month on the airwaves Tuesdays from 9:00am-11:00am, if you aren't in class. Our dearest Development Director Sophie speaks at length about her current musical obsessions, favorite Core memories, and lore behind her show name.

Name: Sophie 

DJ Name: lil pharma 

Show Name: SJW radio

Show Genre: indie rock, indie pop, R&B, hip hop

Year/Major: 2024/Pharmacy 

What made you want to join The Core?

I love discovering new artists and tracks and have always wanted an outlet for sharing my very specifically curated Spotify playlists. The Core gives me the ability to share and talk about music without constantly bothering my friends :) 

Tell us a little about what artists/bands you've been listening to recently.

I usually try to keep myself updated and predominantly listen to newly released albums/tracks. The only exceptions to this are Frank Ocean and Mom Jeans who I listen to constantly regardless of the situation. Most recently however, I’ve been absolutely obsessed with Clairo’s new album Immunity and have been streaming it constantly since its release. Other than that, I’ve also been enjoying the new Charli XCX, Tyler, the Creator, Brockhampton, JPEGMAFIA, Oso oso, etc etc. 

What is the meaning behind your show name?

My show name is literally my initials: SJW, which coincidentally happens to be an acronym for ‘Social Justice Warrior.’ Generally, SJW is used as a derogatory term towards progressives so I wanted to ‘reclaim’ it/change its negative connotation! 

How are you involved at the station? 

I recently was lucky enough to receive the position of Development Director which I’m super excited to be. I also just love supporting the Core by helping and coming out to all of our sick events! 

What has been your favorite experience as a DJ? 

My favorite experience as a DJ was the first basement show I went to! I’m eternally grateful to have been introduced to the underground/local scene here in our very own New Brunswick. If I didn’t join the Core I would have missed out on so many fun shows and people. 

Any advice for prospective DJs?

Play anything you want (as long as it follows FCC guidelines)! Don’t be nervous and move back and forth during mic breaks! Don’t panic if something goes wrong! Also, don’t be afraid to introduce yourself to new people or ask for help! Everybody here at the Core is super sweet and helpful. I know it can be really nerve-racking to have control of the entire station to yourself but embrace the power!