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DJ of the Month: Curbside with Sofa
by Julia Schaefer

December's DJ of the Month is a DJ who has been with us for two years now. In that short time, she's become a beloved Core presence both on and off the air! Sophie has gotten involved with music staff, event planning, and helping us stay tech issue-free as our Tech Director. I can also count on her to deliver quality concert writeups for the website. It was a pleasure to interview her!

Name: Sophie Pastore

DJ Name: Sofa                                                 

Show Name: Curbside with Sofa

Show Genre: hip-hop and rap, indie and local rock

Student/Community/Alumni: Student!

Hometown:  Roebling, NJ

Exec Position: Tech Director, soon to be training coordinator, urban director

How long have you been at 90.3 The Core?

It'll be 2 years this month!

What made you want to join The Core?

I have always been an avid playlist maker and having my own radio show seemed like the perfect outlet!

What got you into music?

I've been burning myself CDs for as long as I can remember, my sisters would make them for me before I had an iPod, and since then I've been a heavy follower of music. I've always loved going to shows in the city, too!

What do you love about being a part of The Core?

Besides generally opening my social circle, the Core has opened me up to local music! I remember hearing about a local basement show at my first Core meeting ever, and since then I've been going to tons. Lately I've been trying to get involved more at the station and it's been so rewarding! I love seeing my friends succeed and hearing their amazing music on the radio is always exciting!

Any advice to new/prospective DJs?

Get involved as soon as you can! I was a Core DJ for a while but didn't really help with anything because I was a little intimidated (not gonna lie) by exec staff, but once I did it was so much fun. Come hang out at exec meetings on Mondays at 9:40 even if you aren't on exec!!!!