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DJs of the Week: Kelvin & Liz
by Katie Brownlie

Name: Liz and Kelvin

DJ Name: Kelvin and Liz

Show Name: Kelvin & Liz vs. the World!

Show Genre: Shoegaze, Dream Pop, Punk, Local, a variety! 

School Year: 2018 (Kelvin) and 2019 (Liz)                                                

Major: (Kelvin) English and Communication, minor in Gender Studies (Liz) 

Hometown: Scotch Plains, NJ 


How long have you been at 90.3 The Core? 

L: We both joined in the spring of 2016.  


What made you want to join The Core?

K: I joined because I’m really into local music and every person I knew in it seemed cool and friendly.

L: I joined because I wanted a place to play my music and meet some cool people. 


What got you into music?

K: I got into music because it always stood out to me in movies and TV shows. And I’ve been playing music for a long time.

L: I’ve always been into music! I think my parents gave me my good taste in music. 


Coolest experience as a Core DJ? 

K: Liz buying me a shirt with our show’s logo on it for my birthday. Or getting recognized from my radio show on Tinder.

L: One time during a mic break, we asked for song requests— and we said, joking, that listeners can send requests via paper airplane. I walked outside into the suite for a second, and there were ACTUALLY like 3 paper airplanes with requests on them shoved under the door. We have no idea who sent them.  


What do you love about being a part of The Core? 

K: Everyone at The Core is so friendly and I love getting the chance to showcase local music.

L: I like finding new music through The Core and I love listening to other people’s shows to see what they’re into. I also love events that The Core throws, like National College Radio Day, which happened recently, and CoreFest which is coming up in March. 


What do you do for The Core besides being a DJ? 

K: I’m the Events Coordinator so I book shows and stuff for The Core.

L: I’m the Training Coordinator so I plan and facilitate training for new DJs. 


Advice to new/prospective DJs? 

K: Listen to local music and be open to new genres.

L: Get involved in any way you can! There’s so many things you can do at the station in addition to having a radio show.