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Lady K's K-pop Kountdown - Dec 2017
by Katie Brownlie

December is always a slow month for K-pop since most artists are either releasing holiday music or taking a break, but that doesn't keep me from making a list and checking it Twice. ;)


1. Boy - The Boyz

A solid debut song for this new boyband. EDM-ish pop

2. Heart Attack - Loona/Chuu

A fun, jazzy mix of RnB and Swing. Watch the music video for cute lesbian love. <3

3. Heart Shaker - Twice

A classic boppy girl pop song. Bright & fresh with a retro feel.

4. Parade - Younha 

Younha's dreamy vocals gracefully glide over hitmaker GroovyRoom's bright, upbeat production. 

5. So Hot (TheBlackLabel Remix) - BlackPink

       An awesome, gritty, hip-hop spin on a classic K-pop song by the Wonder Girls. The English rap by Lisa slays!