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Music Staff's Top New Albums - Oct 22-28
by Ryan Stiesi

1. The Pack A.D.-Dollhouse

Are the hopes and dreams of 90’s grunge still breathing in Canada? Vancouver, British Columbia based duo, The Pack A.D., would have you believe it on their latest album Dollhouse. With guitar tones and snarky lyrics reminiscent of L7, Dollhouse is a heavy-hitting punk and garage rock gem.

2. The Zombies-Odessey and Oracle

2017 marks the 50th anniversary of the band’s iconic album. The Zombies’ sunny and psychedelic 60’s vibe is a fresh and relaxing break from the world outside, and the album maintains its high status all these years later.

3. Curtis Harding-Face Your Fear 

Slow-burning and groovy, the new Curtis Harding album has the ability to touch your soul. Harding’s vintage-soul sound is both introspective and moving, as the artist faces his own fears atop a smooth and jazzy instrumentation.