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12 AM Brainrot

Experimental, Neurofunk, Glitch Pop, Electronic Funk, Liquid

A show that explores what music means. You'll primarily hear electronic music but music of all genres will be played.

Playing artists like underscores, Culprate, Tally Hall, Explorers Of The Internet.

"A Pure Unfiltered Mess"


Friday, November 17, 2023 12:00 AM - 1:00 AM

  Artist Title
12:00 AM  COPYCATT  Crazy In Love
12:03 AM  Pure Shade  Fluffy Suit
12:07 AM  Convexity, ???, ???, Inktome  Lockdown 02
12:12 AM  070 Shake  Cocoon
12:16 AM  Hudson Lee, Frequent  Windows
12:22 AM  Daddy's Closet  Vertigo
12:23 AM  KEMARE, Siedoro  REWIND
12:27 AM  Soupandreas  Melatonin
12:32 AM  Au5  Inflex
12:36 AM  Anomalie  Velours
12:40 AM  Quickly, Quickly  Natural Form
12:44 AM  Underscores  Shoot To Kill, Kill Your Darlings
12:50 AM  KOAN Sound  Liquid Levity
12:51 AM  Acid Wave  Lullabye Interlude
12:53 AM  Anchorsong  Windmills
12:56 AM  Echorift  The Skull's Mouth

Previous Show: Friday, November 3, 2023 12:00 AM