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Electronic, Alt-Pop, R&B, Rock, Metal, Jazz, World, House, Classical

Playing artists like Björk, Arca, Kate Bush, The Knife, Prince, David Bowie, Alice Coltrane, Fiona Apple, Brandy, Janet Jackson, Jlin, This Mortal Coil, Anohni and the Johnsons, Aphex Twin. Sade, Nina Simone, Charles Mingus, LFO, Celtic Frost, Philip Glass, Vladimir Martynov, Joni Mitchell, Joanna Newsom, SOPHIE, Ryuichi Sakamoto.

You can sing along to anything if you’re brave enough!


Saturday, March 2, 2024 12:00 PM - 2:00 PM

  Artist Title
12:04 PM  The Beths  Watching The Credits
12:07 PM  Joanna Sternberg  I've Got Me
12:09 PM  Sega Bodega & Safety Trance  Arena!
12:12 PM  Waterbaby  Airforce Blue
12:16 PM  Death Valley Girls  I Am A Wave
12:18 PM  Locate S,1  Pieta
12:21 PM  Les Paul, Mary Ford  Vaya Con Dios
12:24 PM  Ritchie Valens  We Belong Together
12:26 PM  Karen Dalton  Little Bit Of Rain
12:31 PM  Nat King Cole  Unforgettable
12:34 PM  Joni Mitchell  Both Sides Now
12:40 PM  Linda Ronstadt  Long Long Time
12:46 PM  Anohni And The Johnsons  Spiralling
12:51 PM  Laura Nyro  The Man Who Sends Me Home
12:53 PM  D'Angelo  Untitled (How Does It Feel) - Edit
12:58 PM  Celine Dion  Je Sais Pas
1:03 PM  Nation Of Language  Weak In Your Light
1:07 PM  Osees  Ladwp Hold
1:09 PM  Reyna Tropical  Cartagena
1:13 PM  Ben Harper  Masterpiece
1:16 PM  Lamp  Misty Town
1:20 PM  Paramore  Burning Down The House
1:24 PM  John Mellencamp  Jack & Diane
1:28 PM  Elton John  Nikita
1:35 PM  Paula Abdul  Vibeology
1:40 PM  Lady Gaga  Swine (Clean)
1:44 PM  Gloria Estefan  Wepa
1:49 PM  La Signore  Rambari
1:53 PM  Shakira  Don't Bother
1:59 PM  Lorraine Bowen  Crumble Song (Original Demo)

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