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Experimental, Art Pop, Jazz, Singer-Songwriter, Soul, Punk, Global

Patch"work`, n. Work composed of pieces sewed together, esp. pieces of various colors and figures; hence, anything put together of incongruous or ill-adapted parts; something irregularly clumsily composed; a thing patched up.

Playing artists like Donna Summer, Scott Walker, The Messthetics, Fiona Apple, Ornette Coleman, The Pigeon Detectives, Mr. Bungle, Nina Simone, Ween, Title Fight, Townes Van Zandt.


Saturday, May 4, 2024 9:00 AM - 10:00 AM

  Artist Title
8:59 AM  Mutual Benefit  Prefiguring
9:00 AM  Joe Cuba Sextet  Mujer Divina
9:05 AM  Andrew Oldham Orchestra  The Last Time
9:08 AM  Billy Woods & Kenny Segal  Facetime
9:12 AM  Cloe Martin  Life Race
9:17 AM  Big Star  Take Care
9:20 AM  Ween  Polka Dot Tail
9:23 AM  Swamp Dogg  Creeping Away
9:26 AM  Country Teasers  Devil On My Back
9:27 AM  Dossel  Transpasso
9:28 AM  The Waterboys  Strange Boat
9:32 AM  Les Razilles Denudes  White Awakening - Version 2
9:37 AM  Frank Ricotti, Toni Hymas, Stanley Sulzmann  Stop Go
9:40 AM  Jeremiah Chiu  Echo Arp Hold
9:41 AM  O Terco  Ponto Final
9:47 AM  Dead Can Dance  The Host Of Seraphim
9:53 AM  Ruth Garbus  Powder Of Sympathy
9:54 AM  Animal Collective  Stride Rite

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