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The Real Emo Hour

Emo, Indie Rock, Power Pop, Pop Punk

Playing artists like Free Throw, Oso Oso, Michael Cera Palin, Save Face.

"Real Emo" only consists of the DC Emotional Hardcore scene and the late 90's Screamo scene. What is known by "Midwest Emo" is nothing but Alternative Rock with questionable real emo influence.


Tuesday, May 10, 2022 10:00 PM - 11:00 PM

  Artist Title
10:00 PM  Pity Sex  Burden You
10:03 PM  Little Hag  Cherry
10:07 PM  Girl Friday  Lullaby No. 13
10:11 PM  Bad Waitress  Restless Body
10:15 PM  Telenovela Star  A Plum
10:20 PM  Screaming Females  Empty Head
10:24 PM  Potty Mouth  Long Haul
10:28 PM  Sophia Chablau E Uma Enorme Perda De Tempo  Deus Lindo
10:30 PM  The Beths  Dying To Believe
10:34 PM  Heavy Sigh  Tell Me What State You're In
10:38 PM  The Regrettes  You Won't Do
10:40 PM  Sprints  Little Fix
10:44 PM  Litige  Samouraï
10:46 PM  Bruiser Queen  On The Radio
10:49 PM  Girl In A Coma  Their Cell
10:55 PM  The Regrettes  Juicebox Baby
10:56 PM  Miss June  Best Girl

Previous Show: Tuesday, May 3, 2022 10:00 PM