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Vitamins / Minerals

NJHC, LIHC, Melodic Hardcore, Post Hardcore, Metalcore

A nutrient dense, guitar heavy breakfast to fuel your Sunday mornings.

Playing artists like Thursday, Planes Mistaken For Stars, Senses Fail, GEL, Ensign, One Step Closer, American Nightmare, Small Brown Bike, Have Heart, Title Fight.


Sunday, June 16, 2024 9:00 AM - 11:00 AM

  Artist Title
9:01 AM  Crime In Stereo  Xxxx (The First Thousand Years Of Solitude)
9:04 AM  Single Mothers  Womb
9:05 AM  Open City  Fever Dream
9:08 AM  Snapcase  Drain Me / Filter
9:13 AM  GEL  Snake Skin
9:14 AM  SWEAT  Physical
9:16 AM  Ink & Dagger  She Came Crashing
9:21 AM  Boundaries  Face The Blade
9:25 AM  Folly  Human Bodies
9:28 AM  In Lieu  Sike
9:29 AM  My Chemical Romance  Cubicles
9:33 AM  Smothered  19
9:37 AM  Midtown  Such A Person
9:41 AM  Texas Is The Reason  Do You Know Who You Are?
9:44 AM  Skycamefalling  Healing Yesteryear
9:48 AM  Mannequin Pussy  Aching
9:49 AM  The Hope Conspiracy  Hope Bound Heart
9:51 AM  Integrity  Salvations Malevolence
9:58 AM  Have Heart  Bostons
10:01 AM  At The Drive In  Napoleon Solo
10:05 AM  The Movielife  Ship To Shore
10:09 AM  One Step Closer  Blur My Memory
10:13 AM  Quannnic  Defense
10:18 AM  Hot Rod Circuit  Knees
10:21 AM  Jockey  Serrated
10:25 AM  Paint It Black  Shell Game Redux
10:28 AM  Earth Crisis  Forced March
10:35 AM  Planes Mistaken For Stars  A Six Inch Valley
10:38 AM  Somerset Thrower  Des Moines
10:43 AM  Screaming Females  Black Moon
10:47 AM  Toads  Gasp
10:50 AM  Life's Question  When I Meet God
10:54 AM  Blow Your Brains Out  Blackout.
10:55 AM  Thursday  Wind-Up
11:01 AM  Garrison  New Habits For Old Friends
11:04 AM  My Chemical Romance  I Never Told You What I Do For A Living

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